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August 2018

Architecture, murals & dress, Lesotho

Vernacular architecture in land-locked, mountainous Lesotho, comprises wattle and daub circular thatched structures or more recently rectangular shaped dwellings spaces, distinguished by murals on the exterior walls. Continue reading “Architecture, murals & dress, Lesotho”

Architecture and contemporary art in Mozambique (part 2)

It is a joy to discover how tribal (or any art form) enriches the lives of those looking, and how the nexus between pre-conceptions and the unpredicted, conjugates new dictionaries of thought and often a passion for the genre.

Continue reading “Architecture and contemporary art in Mozambique (part 2)”

Maconde art of Mozambique (part 1)

Maconde tribal art, adapted, reinvented and traded to tourists in several countries, paved the way as some of the first contemporary art from the African continent. Continue reading “Maconde art of Mozambique (part 1)”

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