Fiona Simmons is a researcher, with 30 years experience in art and design from Africa.  Her passion is anthropological, learning about the people who make art and their sculpture, textiles, beads, body adornments, furniture and flair for interior decor and architecture..  This also includes the esoteric and focuses on ritual healing practices and performance. Lately, because of challenges travelling in North Africa, her repertoire extends to contemporary artists, craft, photography, painting and other art making practices.. 

Fiona has worked as a buyer in Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Niger, Madagascar, South Africa, Indonesia, Cambodia and the middle East, amongst others.  She has travelled extensively, refining her eye by looking at form in public and private exhibits, has built, edited and catalogued private collections and developed curatorial concepts encouraging new ways of seeing stylistic genres.   As a photographer, documenting anthropological ceremonies has been a joy, hi-lighting how much one can still learn about the sense and meaning of community.

Fiona lives in the U.K, starting the tribalnow blog in 2015, aiming to keep it accessible to interested scholars and enthusiasts. She intends raising awareness of the fabulous aesthetics of the African continent and the richly talented people who have contributed to creating this outstanding legacy.